Big Things Come in Small Packages Tips on Building a Tiny Home

By now, most people have heard about the tiny home phenomenon sweeping the nation. Rather than investing money in large homes, people are saving their money and building these tiny homes. Not only are these homes smaller, most of them are portable as well.

If a person is interested in one of these smaller homes, they should have no problem finding a builder in their area to assist them. There are a number of considerations a person will need to consider before this building process begins to avoid mistakes. Here are some of the things an individual needs to do to get the tiny home of their dreams.

It Starts With a Floor Plan

The first thing a person needs to figure out when having a tiny home constructed is what type of floor plan they need to use. Before choosing a floor plan, a person will need to think about how many people will be living with them. Once they have this information, they can contact a builder to get a look at the floor plans they offer.

Generally, these tiny homes will have living quarters downstairs and small bunks up top. Usually, the builders of these smaller homes will be able to alter floor plans to meet the needs of their customers.

Getting the Right Foundation

If a person wants a portable tiny home, then they will need to work on getting it put on a solid foundation. Most tiny home professionals suggest that these mobile units be put on a steel trailer or axles. By using steel, a person will not have to worry about their structure falling apart over time.

Before starting the tiny home build, a person will need to work on getting a budget in place. With this budget, a person can avoid getting in over their head on a new tiny home.

Choosing tiny home builders with experience is an essential part of having success with this process. At, a person can get the guidance they need to choose the best home. Visit to find out more about the tiny cottages and homes they can build.


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